Human Hair Extensions For Relaxed And Natural Hair

Our hair extensions are 100% human hair that can be cut and styled for the most natural look. Any clients with unusually fine hair along with very sparse hair (not dense enough) should avoid using hair extensions but this is less than 1% of the female population. It blends well with my natural hair and doesn’t shed. Textured & full in its natural state, kinky straight weave mimics kinky curly hair in it’s blown out state making it one of the easiest textures to blend transitioning hair with.

Popular natural hair clip extensions of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress. It is also considered to be the most compatible with Caucasian hair over the likes of Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and other types of hair commonly used in hair extensions.

Afro Kinky Curly Weave is a Type 4 natural must-have. For black women with natural hair, hair styling can require a lot more effort and time. Natural hair extensions are simply convenient to use. To blend, install all the clip-ins up to your natural hairline, and co-mingle the strands.

Synthetic hair is usually unnaturally shiny and also does not allow for heat styling. Crotchet braids are still in and they look even more fabulous with natural hair extensions. Extensions are guaranteed to stay in the client’s hair depending on the care given.

After choosing the type of hair extensions that fit your lifestyle and needs, you have to decide on how you want them to be applied. Since the extensions are individual strands, the hair moves a little more naturally. Secondly, choosing a high quality hair extension is just as important as the installation itself.