Free Forex – How to Make Money From Marketing Forex, Free

Forex trading just like all financial trading requires having money to trade however that does not means that you cannot make money from forex without spending a juno markets opinions single penny. Forex brokers have always looked for new ways to attract clients to trade with them especially with the extremely competitive nature of the market. However what many Internet marketers neglect when they go for weight loss pills and e-books partnership programs is that forex marketing can be easy given you simulate the right emotions with your audience.

Unlike most of the traditional affiliate programs, forex affiliate programs do not pay per sale or lead since they have nothing to sell but they rather pay you a commission for every trade your clients do. YES that’s what I said forex companies are willing to share their day to day profits from clients you bring with you.

So if you are willing to invest time and effort into this then this article will guide you to what to do in order to start making profit as a forex affiliate or an introducing broker.

Step one: Search and learn about SEO (search engine optimization) as this will provide you with the needed traffic that you will convert into clients. For this step Google is your friend and giving how hot the topic of SEO is, you will be able to find countless tutorials, articles tips and techniques to optimize you website or blog. Once you think you have the sufficient amount of knowledge in SEO (basic knowledge will do for a beginner).

Step two: learn about forex trading as well as all other sorts of investments. You must acquire enough knowledge in this field to be able to produce quality content (articles, blog posts).

Step three: open an introducing broker account with a forex broker. In this step there are several aspects you should be looking for in the broker you chose. The most important one of course is how much commission do they give. The second aspect is the broker honesty and transparency as there are many scam brokers out there and the best way to avoid them is to go for a regulated broker that lets you monitor your gains concurrently.

Step four: start a website or a blog with one of the free blog or website hosting services (there are many out there). For technical reasons I personally recommend using word press as a CMS for your blog/website.

Step five: Start creating and posting quality content on your website, and apply SEO practices to the blog/website, once your blog/websites starts having visitors, it is time to start making advertising posts using your unique URL provided that you keep up the interesting clean content going to keep attracting new clients